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    Hey TreoCentral Community!!!

    It's that time of year again! I am now BlackBerry-less and need to cope without one for a month during our 2nd Annual Smartphone Round Robin.

    First up I'm using the Treo Pro!! It's shiny, I'm loving the look of the form factor and the feel of the device, and I'm gonna be bugging you with lots of questions here over the next few days as I try to get up to speed quick and realize its full potential.

    So here's my first one:


    I need to get my SIM in there! Much thanks!

    Kevin Michaluk
    Community Editor,
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    So this is sticky just cos of the Round Robin thing?
    And the rules of the contest don't allow you to search or browse the first and second pages of threads? Well okay then...

    Ignore the manual. Cup your hands around the thing. One hand on the back and otherwise. Push.
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    Brute force always works wonders!

    It's not just you Kevin, it is very tricky.
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    I don't remove battery cover as they suggest in the user manual.
    I put my Pro between my hands (as if I was going to clap), and then push up.
    The cover comes off rather easy this way.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichChestmat View Post
    And the rules of the contest don't allow you to search or browse the first and second pages of threads? Well okay then...
    I thought the exact same thing.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Kevin.... Dieter gives a good tutorial on this here.
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    Wow. Thanks Guys. Dang, Dieter's video made it easy as all heck. I tried the hand rubbing thing first (like the image above), but it didn't quite do it for me. And I did read the instructions and those weren't quite clear.

    I guess you gotta see it in action to develop the "knack".

    Thanks again!! Next up...

    Sooo..think of me as a complete newbie and with limited technical knowledge (basically true!). Could you guys point me to:

    a) the must knows about the device
    b) the must dos (tweaks, ways to use it, hook up push email, etc etc)
    c) the things that every expert would be running on his device that takes it to the next level

    Much appreciated!
    Kevin Michaluk
    Community Editor,
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    Maybe all this case cracking thing is because of people trying to force the battery cover off the wrong way?
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    Hey Guys,

    OK, here's my list of Must Do things with the Treo Pro:

    1. Use their assigned smartphone as their "main brain" and may not use any other smartphone OR music device (such as an iPod) for one full week.
    2. Get their PIM data onto their phone. Ideally they will 'Sync with the Cloud," but a computer sync is ok too.
    3. Get up their email on the smartphone
    4. Use their smartphone to get directions at least once.
    5. Use their smartphone with a bluetooth headset.
    6. Install at least 2 3rd-party apps (if possible) on their smartphone.
    7. Play a game
    8. Bbrowse the internet
    9. Add music to their smartphone and use it as their music device.
    10. Watch a video on their device.

    So a few of these are no brainers...but I have silly questions to. Like to point #2, does a cloud exist for me to sync to with the Treo? Or am I just doing it the computer way.

    Also, web browsing. What should I be using for a browser. It seems to me Internet Explorer browser doesn't seem all that hot. Or are there settings I need to tweak up for a better browsing experience. Also, what's a solid game out there for me to play on the Treo Pro? Doesn't have to be free..I'm willing to pay for something that's good.
    Kevin Michaluk
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    Well for B and C it's much the same as for other Treos.

    Browser upgrade has to be done. My pick for that is Opera Mini 4.2 (or 4.1 if you don't touch beta but 4.2 is really stable) and for that you need to update the Java engine that is already pre-installed to avoid instability. There are tweaks to make it your default browser too.

    Media Player: get Kinoma Play (or FreePlay if you don't wanna pay for software). That will properly sort out your podcasting, you tube, photos, flickr and that sort of thing.

    Google Maps Mobile. Essential.

    Resco File Explorer is a must although I still prefer last year's version of the touch friendly 2008 edition. Not free but really a core app IMO.

    Optional now has you may prefer to try a customised version of HTC's touch flow instead of having a Today screen but I recommend the free TodayAgenda which lists upcoming appointments and tasks on the Today screen and provides a quick link to set alarms.

    Some other paid for apps:
    The task manager from HTC isn't bad but HandySwitcher from the people that
    make MemMaid. Pocket Informant will sort out the calendar but isn't free. I also use HiCalc as a decent calculator alternative. DeveloperOne's Code Wallet is really handy for storing passwords and credit card details.

    There are other things out there but what you want to do with your Treo will dictate what you want to check out. For example I use SyncMyCal to sync calendar and contacts with Google instead of Activesync and CE Star for Japanese reading and input. I think I've covered some of my killer core apps above. I'll bet I've missed of some smaller tweaks that'll come to mind later.

    Luckily the Pro already comes loaded with decent backup software and Adobe LE
    Treo Pro on Vodafone UK X 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Maybe all this case cracking thing is because of people trying to force the battery cover off the wrong way?
    Some maybe.
    But I really think there's a bad batch (brittle plastic)
    And even if some were caused by individuals trying to get the battery cover off, it still shouldn't crack their Pro. The question is; Why is the Pro so fragile?
    Just call me Berd.
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    Hard to go wrong with Bejeweled.

    Pocket Explorer is alright and there's always Opera Mobile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CrackBerry Kevin View Post
    [...]2. Get their PIM data onto their phone. Ideally they will 'Sync with the Cloud," but a computer sync is ok too.[...]
    Like to point #2, does a cloud exist for me to sync to with the Treo? Or am I just doing it the computer way.
    What "sync with the cloud" are you thinking of? I'd think the main "cloud" for a Windows Mobile device (which Treo Pro is one), is a MS Exchange server that you can sync contacts, calendar, tasks, email to. Out of the box (in its ROM) the Treo Pro comes included with software that allows it to do a USB synching to a MS Exchange server.

    Mmm ... Or are you referring to OTA (Over The Air) synching? I do that with a Lotus Notes server, with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite 8.0 server side and client software for Treo Pro.

    Quote Originally Posted by coppertop View Post
    Hard to go wrong with Bejeweled.
    Ah yes. Got that on my Treo Pro too, for when my brain can do much else on my mobile.
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=
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    2 & 3: SyncMyCal will sync you to the Google cloud. The free version only does -3 =3 days and no contacts though. For that you need to register. No PC connection required. Otherwise you can setup an Outlook Web Access account with mail2web and use ActiveSync to their server without cables. That'll give you all the PIM stuff and its free too.
    3. Setup Google IMAP connection. Your GMail settings will walk you through that. IMAP IDLE tweaks are out there to turn the IMAP connection onto a a push email. Otherwise if using Hotmail then Live already pre-installed will give you push email and sync your contacts but won't do your calendar.
    4. Google Maps.
    7. There's a free internet multiplayer enabled poker game on Microsoft's website if that works for you.
    8. Either use Internet Explorer but honestly get Opera Mini as I said above.
    1 & 9 & 10: Kinoma Play as above.
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    I didn't realize you guys were doing a round robin again! SWEET!

    Weather Panel is a must for any WM phone IMO.
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    get a registry editor (free like phm regedit or total commander I think) or paid like resco explorer with the registry addin and make some of those key reg changes you will find in the threads (IE navigation, smaller scrollbars, turn off sounds when increasing/decreasing volume while on a call, enable ability to assign one touch of the side button to an app) and more...magikb lite is also a great app imo for ease of typing...
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    I usually use a small hammer and chisle the type u find in a kids toy tool kit.
    No more Tilt for me came back and got the Treo Pro.
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    -iGO 8 (paid) <- The best GPS software for Windows mobile. Great UI, fast, gives spoken directions, POI search, doesnt need internet connection

    Internet browsing:
    -Skyfire (free) makes browsing the internet a breeze and is currently the only browser on any mobile device that supports flash.

    Opera mobile is also great for browsing but will not support flash. Never tried -Opera mini, which routes webpages to Opera servers first which optimize webpages and then send them to your mobile.

    -Kinoma player (paid) or the somewhat crippled version, Kinoma free play are great.
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    Thanks Guys,

    Lots of good stuff above. Few things:

    a) Just with the standard adding an email account. I added my gmail the other night, and it seems the device just chokes on it. I don't really delete my gmail inbox, so I have about 17,000 messages in there. It seems like the device wants to pull a good chunk of them). So I have 800 messages in my inbox, I set the device to check for new messages regularly (like every 15 minutes I think)...but I have yet to see the Treo Pro actually bring in any new messages and alert me that I have email. I've just been sitting with the same inbox for two days now. And If I open the email app and send/receive.. it connects..then nothing really happens. I don't need it to attempt to pull all my old email in..just need the new messages coming through from the time I set it up and onward.

    b) Opera Mini. Ok, so I installed Opera Mini but I didn't upgrade the Java engine first. Just went to and installed 4.2. It looks like it installed ok. Though I couldn't find the app icon at first. I eventually discovered that within Programs you need to click the Java icon and then you can open Opera Mini within there. But Opera Mini doesn't seem to actually work. So how do I upgrade the Java engine?

    c) will give skyfire a try.

    d) is there any way to make the center Palm button bring the device out of sleep? I naturally want to click that one to bring it awake (and then again to unlock it). But instead I need to click one of the other keys first, then the Palm button. Would much rather just click the Palm button twice.

    e) what's with having to hold down the camera key (left side key) for so long before the action results? it's like a 3 second hold... can i change to make it quicker?

    f) are there any mailbox shortcuts? like if i'm at the bottom of my 800 messages and want to jump to the top of the inbox? how do i do that without having to yank out the stylus and scroll?

    g) also curious - for you pros out there... exactly how often do you actually use the stylus vs. your fingers? i'm finding a lot of things my fingers aren't accurate enough for (like if i open the multitasking/resource screen and want to X off apps.. it's so close to the right side of the screen it's easier to use the stylus. or for scrolling within the inbox). so would just like some idea of how you pros use it?

    any links to good how to use windows mobile on the treo pro articles i should check out? i read some of the reviews..but wouldn't mind a good newbie walkthrough.

    Kevin Michaluk
    Community Editor,
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    And can I get BlackBerry Connect for this thing???
    Kevin Michaluk
    Community Editor,
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