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    Last year's round robin convinced me to abandon my Treo for a BlackBerry Curve.

    But I must admit that I really miss the touch screen, and the availability and quality of 3rd party software. I cannot swallow Verizon's ridiculous monthly prices and locked-out GPS or I'd consider a BlackBerry Storm.

    But the Treo Pro looks quite appealing. Will I switch? After experience with Palm OS and BlackBerry OS, I admit to being intrigued by Windows Mobile. I eagerly anticipate Kevin's experiences from the standpoint of a CrackBerry user!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimietriev View Post
    eh, there is email search on the blackberry. Kevin probably has his ebay bold in his back-pocket to reassure himself.
    Hmm, didn't know that. I've come from Palm OS to Windows with no Blackberry Experience. Maybe I should do my own round robin and give the Storm a try.
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    Hi Kevin,

    While you are testing things, if possble, could you try to connect more than one bluetooth headset to the Treo Pro and see if it lets you switch between the two easily. I have a Jaybird 100 stereo bluetooth headset connected and a plain Treo bluetooth headset connected. The Treo Pro is giving me all kinds of problems with trying to switch between the two. I also keep losing the connection the the Treo headset. Thanks!
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    For music/media content. I say in addition to synching mp3s to a memory card and playing them with Windows Mobile you could also download BeyondPod and download some podcasts. That way you are also installing a third party app. I love Beyond Pod and it's almost removed the need for my iPod.
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    for movie playback, i suggest TCPMP for windows mobile and palm os users
    you can download plugins to play almost any format out on the interwebs
    Palm Centro (VZW)
    W/ 1GB SDHC
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    For GPS, try downloading Mobile XT. It's great!

    If you want super advanced PIM, try Agendus from IAMBIC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oVan View Post
    If you ever drove around with Navigon, you'll know what I mean with a clean, consistent and user-friendly interface, and the spoken instructions are so good you can drive without watching the map most of the time.

    Just my 0.02!
    Alas I have not tried that one. iGO is definitely leaps and bounds above garminxt.

    Thanks for the tip, I'll give navigon a shot.
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    skyfire is a pretty good up and coming web browser.

    Viigo - Instant access to breaking news, entertainment, sports, finance, weather, flight schedules, restaurant reviews, games, local attractions, and more
    "To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail."
    ~Michael Jordan

    "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."
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    "If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error. ~John Kenneth Galbraith, Money: Whence It Came, Where It Went"

    Finally upgraded and dual-booting HP TouchPad running CM9. Look out world, here I come, ready or not! Now rocking the cancelled AT&T Pre3 no thanks to HP!
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    Thanks for sharing these great browsers, I've already tried Viigo in the past and it does ok. But for me, Opera is still the benchmark for mobile browsers.
    Using a Centro with free ActiveSync at
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    Caveat - using an 800w, not a Pro, so I have to assume what I'm saying below will also apply equally to a Pro.

    OneHandedness/non-stylus use (in fact, not even touching the screen AT ALL):

    I know a lot of people like touching the screen with fingers/finger nails, etc, but I've always really tried to avoid touching the screen. What I've always liked about Palm's iteration of WM is how they've enabled the device to be completely one-handed (and I should even say - no need to touch or tap the screen AT ALL). As long as someone understands the fundamental concepts of the keys that surround the 5-way - the Start button, the OK button, the email button and the calendar button, ALONG WITH using the keyboard for single letter shortcuts, you'll rarely if ever have to touch the screen at all, much less get out the stylus. I never use my stylus and I almost never have to touch the screen.

    Reading the review, it seems like, Kevin, one of your issues is having to use the stylus (quote 'I want to stick it through my eye socket') - if you can take the time to really understand Palm's implementation of WM, you'll realize you never ever have to use the stylus. I mean never. Or even touch the screen. Here's what I mean:

    Let's say you're in email, in your inbox, and you want to go to the browser (for the sake of this, let's just stick with IE). Do this:
    Hit the start button.
    Hit the letter 'I' on the keyboard
    and voila - you're in IE.

    (see how the keyboard, along with the underlined letters in any pop up menu makes the navigation so much easier. Start + I takes you to IE. Yes there are a million other button apps out there like AE Buttons Plus, but I'm just sticking with out-of-the-box functionality here).

    And the same works in reverse - you want to go back, just hit the 'OK' button - which as you said in your review, works like a back button.

    My point is this - if you can fundamentally understand how the buttons and 5-way work, and some use of the keyboard to coincide with the single letter shortcuts that are underlined in each menu, you'll realize the stylus can be thrown away. (and you'll also never have to touch the screen either).

    OK now on to email shortcuts (this is how it works on my 800w, and on my 700wx I used to have - I have to assume it works the same way on the Pro).

    This is a bit of a two-handed process, granted, but it's certainly better than trying to scroll down the side of the screen with your fingernail, or - shudder - the sylus):

    The option key on the far left of the keyboard, when combined with the 5-way, works as a top/bottom/page up/page down shortcut. Try this as a test:

    Go to your email inbox and scroll way down.

    Hold down the Option key (far left on the keyboard – looks like a blob) and AT THE SAME TIME press ‘left’ on the 5-way navigator. Yes, this takes two hands. You <should> be automatically at the top of your inbox.

    And in fact, that convention of 5-way + the blob key works like this:

    5-way + LEFT = top of a list (anything in a list or on page - your list of Program Icons, going to the top of a webpage, etc)

    5-way + RIGHT = bottom of a list

    5-way + UP = page down

    5-way + down = page down

    Give that a shot and see if it works on your Pro.

    Bottom line - there are some ways you can improve how you navigate the world of Palm's WM flava. (But like I posted over on CBerry - I think you're going into this entire thing, already deciding that you only like BB, so maybe the whole process is a foregone conclusion? Hmm?)

    Good luck.
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    That is an interesting post JohnnyMac. I think it might be hard for Kevin in part because he is coming from a trackball, which to be fair, is very nice.
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    I can't remember when I last got my stylus out (ooh-er, missus!), even when I had my Treo 650. It's just not needed.

    Quite apart from which, using fingers as a last resort makes you look like you can't cope with the keys, the stylus makes you look like a nerd.
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    In addition, there are some more keyboard tips... in the review you see Kevin struggling with the stylus to operate the X-menu at the top right.

    You can do most of it with the keyboard: once the menu is open you can go down with the dpad, then left/right with dpad to select the top three buttons, and when you go further down on the active programs you can either push the dpad to activate them, or push right on the dpad to close a program.

    About the messaging app: hold down the H key and you'll get a popup with even more keyb commands.
    Click here for more Treo Pro Tricks
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    When you are in the programs or settings menu, you can push the dpad up and you'll see the active tab at the bottom focused with a grey rectangle. You can then press left/right on the dpad to select a different tab.
    ps: Note that selecting the System tab in Settings always takes a while, similar to the Today tab in Personal.
    Click here for more Treo Pro Tricks
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    Do we actually have to help out to enter contest?
    Just call me Berd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Do we actually have to help out to enter contest?
    Good question... I'd hope that as long as it's a relatively on-topic post (relating to the device/the Round Robin/the discussion) that it counts... as opposed to some of the "I don't have an [XYZ] and would really like to win one" posts I've read. Those get old really fast!
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    @crakberry kevin
    How to remove the battery cover?

    You can not! It's child proof.
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    a) the must knows about the device:
    Palm spent a lot of time on phone design. For example, speaker points to the side so speaker phone can be used while phone is face up. Dedicated calendar and mail/messaging buttons added so you can more easily multi-task especially while on a phone call with bluetooth. BTW, make sure you download the bluetooth fix patch from palm's website. 3.5mm headphone jack means you can use great industry standard headphones without an adapter. The smaller keyboard is tight, but makes it easier to reach all of the keys with one-handed typing which is awesome. Camera button delay is intentional and should be loved. The time/date screen saver is awesome and saves battery life.

    b) the must dos (tweaks, ways to use it, hook up push email, etc etc):
    Backup and install Palm's threaded sms cab for WM6. You may like it. Softreset is also a must have. Taking off the battery cover to reset is not fun. If you have AT&T then you may want to explore Xpressmail. It maybe be like Blackberry Connect. Bluetooth uses lots of power. Turn it off if not in use. RealVGA can give your screen more real estate in certain cases but I don't recommend it. If everything is smaller then it's more difficult to use your fingers on the screen. You can disable the keyguard if you want and wake the phone with the center key.

    c) the things that every expert would be running on his device that takes it to the next level:
    With the new flush screen, I am currently enjoying SPB Mobile Shell which understands simple finger gestures and is finger and thumb friendly. Live Search is also a must for gas price lookup and movie info among other things. Make sure you play with Kinoma. Youtube and Orb functionality is HUGE....
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    Quote Originally Posted by oVan View Post
    If you ever drove around with Navigon, you'll know what I mean with a clean, consistent and user-friendly interface, and the spoken instructions are so good you can drive without watching the map most of the time.
    Navigon's interface is steller. The text to speech is pretty darn good as you noted. My only problem, and it is serious, is that the Navigon routing is consistently sub par compared to Garmin, TomTom or google maps. Routing is more of an art than a science, and we all have routes we like that may not be the best. But of all all the nav software Navigon's algorithms produce poor results the most often. Navigon does use navteq maps like Garmin so the problems are not in the maps.

    I think of the software you can put on the pro the garmin has the best routing but slow redraw. TomTom has good routing as well, excellent redraw and responsive time, and the most dated interface. Navigon has the most elegant user friend interface and graphics, and ehhm "available" maps and "ease" of install, but not the best routing.
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    Click on the link, this will help you enormously.

    Unfortunately I can't put a direct link cuz I do not have enough posts, but I think you can figure out the link I'm putting.

    Hope this helps!
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