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    I request your support. I had the original Jawbone on my 750 and was very happy with it. I purchased the Jawbone2 and have had static and volume issues with the piece. I did a hard reset and it worked fine. I recharged the Jawbone2 and the same sound issues returned. I turned on voice command but then turned it off. I also use an external gps but have turned that off as well.

    Any help would be appreciated before I get into it with the Jawbone people. Thank you in advance for any help.
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    I am interested in this answer also. I recently purchased a Jawbone2 and have noticed static but just thought it was part of being wireless but if there is a fix I would really like to know about it.
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    I bought the Jawbone 2 to go with my 800W. I took it back in a very short time. There was way too much static for me and incoming callers sounded like they were in a tin can. I know many really like the Jawbone 2, but for me it didn't compare to my Jabra JX10.
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    I'm in total friggin experiment mode. My experience on these things is that it's usually a settings problem. So far, I did a reset by pulling the battery and the sim card and the problem cleared up quite well. I like the new Jawbone so I don't want to give up. But this solution is cumbersome.
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    The friggin problem came back. I am PO'd to have to spend so much for such crappy sound. I can't remember my own fix. Calling Jawbone!
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    Please post what Jawbone says. I don't have the option to take it back.
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    I found that turning bluetooth off and back on again cleared up the static.
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    It sounds stoopid, but can you walk me through the steps you took? Thanks.
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    I have no idea of javwbone2 but yet you should compliant in company
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    I've called Jawbone twice now. The first guy almost sent me a new unit but I waited to try to reset the old unit. I called back yesterday after the failed reset to arrange the change over and the new little tech turd wanted me to jump through hoops. I was supposed to try to pair it with another device as if I have another phone laying around waiting for this purpose. The real news is that he stated that the new Jawbone has been having a lot of difficulty with Treos. He would not go past me having to try to fix my own device myself. I had the unit working with my phone and then it stopped. That fact didn't appear on his screen for comment so he went back to me having to try to pair to another phone.

    My parting comment is that I have never paid so much for such bad service. It might as well have been a tin can with a string attached, the sound quality is that bad. I'm done with Jawbone.
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    You might want to have a look at the BlueAnt Z9i - will pair with 2 mobiles (If you have the need and I do) otherwise just 1.

    Or the Z9 which pairs with just 1 mobile.

    Sound is great on both, very clear, very comfortable to wear.

    Well worth a look.
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