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    I use the tcpmp on my ipaq it has win mo 2003.
    I loaded tcpmp.pocketpc.0.72RC1 and it will not run. Is there another version that can be used on the treo 800w.

    This is the 1st time I ever seen his program crash and not run. I used it on the 700w and wx too. I must have the wrong cab. But back in the day when I used the program i the cab would only install on items it ran on. atleast with the devices I tried. There used to be some different cabs based on the type of proccessor but I have had no luck in finding them.

    Can someone post link for the correct cab. Thanks in advance.
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    Do a quick search in the 800w forum and you'll find a link to ppcgeeks with the flash bundle of tcpmp for the 800w.
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    thanks found the new version

    seems to work fine
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    you tube works too note for other after loading the player bundel soft reset.

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