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    I don't suppose there's any way to make that icon in the center of the soft menu go away, is there? I mean, with a full hardware keyboard being part of the device, that icon is pretty useless.

    It's not a big deal, of course, which is why I suspect no one has ever done anything about removing it, but every so often, an app will try to open a window on top of the softmenu, but that icon shows through anyway, and I just feel like it would be nicer to get rid of it altogether. If possible.
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    You can get nullKB, it's an option that disables it.

    I do occasionally use it. It's handy for copy/cut/paste where the text box/field won't accept the pop-up menu.
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    Thanks, but that doesn't do what I wanted, which is remove the keyboard icon from the soft menu. Yes, it disables the keyboard from popping up, but I just don't want to see any traces of it at all. There's just no need.

    Windows Mobile, come to think of it, should disable that by default whenever a hardware keyboard is present - whether built into the phone, or attached via USB/bluetooth. But I know I'm just being nitpicky.

    Besides, I'm currently on a "no extra apps" diet, after performing a hard reset last night.

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