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    I see the G1 can snap a pic of a bar code and look up competitve pricing. Pretty cool. And now there is the QR code rage. Is there software than will work with the Treo Pro for either or both? I searched this site but didn't find anything.
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    You can try i-nigma.

    Takes a steady hand though
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    Well, it's a start but it only works on QR codes. The bar code software would be cool. I tried to snap a bar code with i-nigma but it couldn't get it to take. I see what you meant by a steady hand!
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    Oops, forgot to mention 2d codes only.

    You can try this, but don't know how well it works:
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    I don't want to be a guinee pig on that one. Thanks for the link though. If anyone gets it to work on the TP please let me know.

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