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    So I've installed SPB Mobile shell on my Treo. When I go to do a backup from Sprite now it hangs on one file, I think carrier.db or some such, and then I'm forced to pull the battery to restart the phone.

    Once I did that my ATT and bluetooth carrier plug in from Today is gone? anybody know a way to get that back?
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    Have you tried backing up to internal memory?
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    That happened to me and had nothing to do with spb. But a second soft reset restored me to business and a subsequent Sprite backup worked.
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    Internal Memory doesn't make a difference. I tried that. Subsequent resets don't seem to matter as well.
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    FYI the file is carrierdb.pxp
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    Quote Originally Posted by LIVE4SPD View Post
    FYI the file is carrierdb.pxp
    Not Sure
    Just call me Berd.

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