now that I finally have my Treo setup the way I want and know all the little ins and outs regarding outlook/activesync I want to build a stable base image that I can revert to should AS puke again.

Like with Windows where you install the OS, then SP, then chipset driver, then other drivers, etc... is there an optimal order for which you should install apps and registry mods? I am going to make a registry script as well. I'm thinking after RTN hard reset:

- Provision data
- Restore personal databases (contacts) only from Sprite backup
- Install Palm Updates
- Run reg hacks script
- Adjust other settings and preferences (themes, sounds, ringers, etc...)
- Install other software

Make full sprite backup image

- setup exchange push mail
- setup BT sync AS relationship and sync PC calendar

This way if and when AS hoses up my data conn again i can quickly restore to the point before AS is setup.