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    Hello everybody,

    until now the Treo Pro works fine for me. I currently having just one serious problem. At my home office, I get no WiFi connection to my Watchguard X10e-W (FW 8.5.2) firewall. The communication manager shows "Connected", the ARP-table of the firewall even shows an established connection but I get no Internet Explorer connection to any website. I'm using WPA/TKIP.

    Connection on Linksys Access Points and others work well, encrypted as well as unencrypted.

    Does somebody now about general problems with Watchguard's systems? What would be the best way to get a better diagnosis? I'm missing a command line...

    Best regards,

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    Have you checked the DNS and Default Gateway entries are being picked up correctly?
    You might find this useful to narrow things down
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    I've got a watchguard e750 at work. My treo pro links up to it no problem. Do you get any deny statements? Have you turned up the logging? I'm sure you know but that version of fireware is pretty old.
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    I will give EM Mobile IP Utility a try this evening. Thats exactly what I was looking for.

    Yes, I know that the firmware version we are currently using is very old, but we have a lot of trouble with Watchguards current firmware version and their Mobile User client.

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    Hey nice IP utility, I was just looking for one last night and most are really old and crummy.
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    ... and I'm a little bit more confused. The IP settings are correct. The Watchguard settings look correct as well (From System Status/DHCP Leases):

    Active trusted S: 2008/11/12 20:16:52
    E: 2008/11/27 20:16:52 00:1d:fe:d5:fb:a8 WM_Thorsten_Du1

    I didn't change anything else in the WiFi-Settings, just entered the passkey. The only thing strange is that "Network Authentication" has been automatically checked and set to "EAP type: Smartcard or certificate". The Access Point does not require any certificates.

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