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    There's now a solution to the call waiting problem when on bluetooth headset posted on Palm's European site. Finally!,Case=Obj(2457)
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    For some reason I couldn't paste the correct address...

    Solution ID : 2457

    When using Bluetooth Car Kit or Bluetooth Headset, if a second incoming call is received and ignored, the audio of the first call is lost

    If you are in an active call using bluetooth car kit or bluetooth headset and you receive a second incoming call and you let it ring or you ignore the incoming call, the call will be diverted to Voicemail.
    The first call remains active but you can no longer hear the caller (the caller can still hear you). The audio has been lost.
    If you answer the call and swap between calls or reject the call, the issue is not seen.
    Install the Treo™ Pro Bluetooth update.
    Which devices need to take the Treo Pro Bluetooth Update?
    In order to find out if your Treo Pro device needs the Bluetooth Update follow these steps:
    1. <LI class=style15>Press Start . Select Settings. <LI class=style15>Select the System tab. Open About. Go to the Phone tab.
    2. Look at the Software Version.
      If you see a Software Version that is T850UEU-1.01-XXX or lower, you should install this update.
      Note: Devices with software versions higher than 1.01 need not take this update.

    How do I install the Treo Pro Bluetooth update?

    To install the Treo Pro Bluetooth update follow the instructions listed below. To ensure all device data remains intact, it is strongly advised that you back up all your data via ActiveSync® prior to installing this patch.
    Installation Instructions
    1. Connect your smartphone to its charger. It needs to be connected throughout the update.
    2. Open the file TreoProBTpatch.CAB save it to the root directory of a microSD card that is formatted to FAT32.
      • To format the microSD card you must have an SD card reader and card adapter.
      • Connect the SD card reader to a USB port on your computer.
      • Insert the card into the SD card reader and on your desktop select My Computer from the Start Menu.
      • Under Devices with Removable Storage select the drive associated with the card reader.
      • Open the File menu (Ctrl + F) and select Format.
      • In the File System drop down select FAT32 and select Start.
    3. After loading the file onto the microSD card insert the card into the Treo Pro. Once the card is inserted, Press Start on the device, select Programs and then select File Explorer. Choose Storage Card from the drop down menu and tap on the file “TreoProBTpatch.CAB”.
    4. After the update completes a message will prompt you to restart the device. Select OK and the device will restart.

    Via Desktop Download
    1. Ensure that the Treo Pro is plugged into a power source.
    2. Open the file TreoProBTpatch.CAB and SAVE it to the desktop.
    3. Connect your Treo Pro to the ActiveSync cable, and allow it to complete and ActiveSync operation.
    4. Open My Computer, and then open Mobile Device

    5. Open the My Windows Mobile-Based Device icon.

    6. Open the Program Files folder.

    7. Drag the TreoProBTpatch.CAB (Note: this will appear as a .zip file on the Windows desktop) to this folder. This process will copy the Audio Alerts installer to your device.
    8. Disconnect your Treo Pro from the ActiveSync cable.
    9. Press Start on the device,
      select Programs, and select File Explorer.

    10. Tap the file location drop down in the upper left, and select My Device.

    11. Open the Program Files folder, and then open the TreoProBTpatch.CAB file. Select OK when prompted about the file conversion process.

    12. Monitor the installation progress.

    13. After the update completes, a message will prompt you to restart the device. Select OK and the device will restart.
    Via internet on your device
    1. <LI class=style15>From your Today screen, press Internet (right soft key). <LI class=style15>Type in this URL: and tap on the green arrow on the right.
    2. When you receive the Download dialogue box click on Yes and in the next screen choose Device as the location to install the update, press Install (left soft key)

      Your device will be restarted to finish the installation.
    FAQ and troubleshooting How do I determine if the update was successful?

    On your smartphone, press Start. Then select Settings. Select the System tab from the bottom. Select Remove Programs.
    Verify that “Treo ProBTpatch ” is shown. If you see "Treo ProBTpatch", you have successfully installed the update.

    I tried to install the update, but I am getting a message that it is not compatible with my device.

    The updater is only compatible with Treo Pro devices. Verify that you are installing the update on a Treo Pro smartphone.
    I had to hard reset my device. Do I need to reinstall the update?
    Yes, the Update will need to be reinstalled if you have to perform a hard reset . Follow the instructions above to install the update on your smartphone.
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    thanks for posting this, as i did in the official thread. But i couldn't paste links.
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    I couldn't paste the right link either... I copied it and pasted it, but when I posted it, it changed to the link for the knowledge library... ? Anyway, I am so happy that this problem is finally solved. Can't believe that it took Palm such a long time!
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    The bug first needs to be "discovered", adressed, solved, and than the patch has to be tested before they can publish it.

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