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    hey everyone I just purchased went from bb8330 to samsung instinct and im staying here I love it but one quick question wheb I dl wmv formats or mpegs how do I watch them on windows media player I do a search in library no results... also I click the file it says its not assigned tto a program to ooen it and to open the program then open the file I can't what do I do
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    sorry so sloppy im on mobile IE
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    Try the compilation of TCPMP for the 800w.
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    compilation? eh
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    You'll find it here.
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    that's not any help I just dunno how to make the player recognize my songs orr movies ne thing else
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    Did you even install Core from the first post in Alli's link? What's not working?

    As for Windows Media Player not working, how is it not? Do you get any error messages?????

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