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    Ok. I so far love my 800w. A few hickups here and there but for the most part pretty good. I have a question for yall... Im sitting at my desk with my ringer switch on and all of the sudden I get a voice alert saying I have an email and it tells me the headline of the email. I have gotten numerous emails, texts, and phone calls and it has never done this before. Why doesnt it voice alert to all emails and other notifications? Any ideas on why it did this or has it happened to any of yall?
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    What settings do you have on your Voice Command - I'd start by looking there. If you are using Treo Alert Manager, you should also check the settings there.
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    x2 on Voice Command.
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    I have my setting set to on. But the funny thing is that its always been on. Why all of the sudden is it voice alerting me and why doesnt it do it for text messages or any other alerts? Just emails... I dont have treo alert manager. Should i have that?
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    Was it an urgent message? I think the default is only to notify on "urgent" messages. You can uncheck that to hear about all messages (which gets annoying when you're in a meeting and your phone asks if you want to enlarge your member to be a rocket in bed with your woman).

    Oh, BTW, this is definitely voice command you're experiencing. I use it all the time, though I often keep my ringer switch to vibrate. The nice thing is that it can announce messages through your BT headset too, which is kind of nice.
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    It wasnt set to urgent. Owell. Its doing it for phone calls now to. I guess it doesnt do it for text messages. It would be neat if it would read out the text messages like i have seen some other phones do. But I get some crazy text messages so I guess its best it doesnt do that... LOL

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