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    I just got my Treo800w last week, and decided to try out my "Digital copies" that come with DVDs now.

    I initially got them to play on my Treo and on my PC, but since finishing the install of activesync to sync outlook calendar/contacts, the movies won't sync and have been deleted from the phone.

    The error message when syncing to Media Player is that the content provider does not allow syncronization.

    What gives? They worked and now they don't! I hate DRM!
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of DRM. Ain't it great that you can't use what you paid for?
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    I never sync meadia. its quicker to drag and drop into the treo from the pc.
    on some pc's you can be coping files before active sync even starts lol lol.
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    I did get them to work. I had Fox reset my codes and cleaned the DRM licneses from Vista.

    It seems Media Player considered my treo a new device after I set up ActiveSync for the first time

    I do wish it handled video better, though. Any tweaks I can do to improve performance? According to task manager, it is only using 50% CPU, but the videos skip frames sometimes. Bitrate is under 500kbps
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    I know nothing about "digital copies" of movies that come with dvd's. How widespread is this?
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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    pretty widespread now. DVD releases often come in 2 flavors now. One has just the DVD disc, and the second version comes with a DVD-ROM that has the video in both iTunes and WMV format. The latter has a 720-width copy and a 320-width copy on the disc for portable devices.

    DRMd of course.
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    You could try another media player. Some work quite a bit better than WM Media Player.
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    any that have a limited trial version that you recommend?
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    i would just buy the full DVD and then rip it with HD DVD Decrypter. then the DRM is gone and you are left with a clean video file that you can decrease in resolution with other free or popular tools to a size that will work on the treo 320x320 screen.

    the nice thing about that is that we watch the video from a hard drive over the network and the dvd stays free of scratches in it case. works great for kid DVD that get scratched from rough handling/misuse. the down side is most dvd's are around 5 or 6 GB in size, but with the cheap hard drives, its a non-isse (1 TB for $99 on
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    I buy Blu-Rays now, but I have BB Online and Netflix, though. Handbrake is what I'll use to do the transcoding.

    Any problem with H.264 files on the 800w?

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