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    I've only had my Treo Pro 2 weeks and the stylus is broken already. The plastic top bit has come away from the metal bit. I'm pretty careful when I use it - I'm not rough with it.

    Has anyone had any similar problems or is it a one-off?

    I'm wary about getting the same styli as it might happen again (they're 5 for 2 too).

    I'd like to get an all metal stylus (like my old 650) but I couldn't find them on the web. Anyone know of any?
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    no problems with mine, havent read any other issues either.
    So fear you wer just unlucky...

    Try email aftermarket accesories manufacturers, they may make an all metal one if there is enough demand.
    I havent seen one yet, but havent looked of it either..
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    I agree it might have been just a bit of bad luck and your stylus was adhered as well as the majority of them.......
    I would give it another try and if you experience it again the go with something else. I looked and do not see anything all metal for the pro.
    I assume they are leaning towards the plastic/rubber tip so its not so harsh on the touch screen.

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