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    can windows mobile get virus or spyware or popups I have palm os but I think I'm gonna make the switch to the 800w an I was windering if its possible to get virus, spyware, or popups on wm???
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    Pretty much the same answer for WM as for POS. Viri are few and far between, and for the most part you can save anything by merely doing a hard reset.

    Just make sure you don't install anything from an untrusted source.
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    every morning just say 'shoo shoo retarded flu' and u'll be bug free
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    Any operating system can get a virus if there is a virus created for it (virus are system specific). So far even though I haven't heard of any virus found so far there are anti virus programs for both the Palm OS and Windows Mobile OS. I wouldn't worry just yet and as Alli posted all you would have to do is a hard reset and resync to resolve the issue.
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    The only real dangerous virus would be something that sat and waited for you to connect to the internet and steal your personal/private data. Business phones would be a target for that one.
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    There's nothing special about Windows Mobile, Palm, or Symbian devices that make them virus-resistant. It's just that for the most part malicious hackers haven't tried to target mobile devices because there hasn't been that much information worth stealing. But as people put more and more valuable data on their cellphones and PDAs, those devices are becoming more attractive targets. And so we probably shouldn't be surprised that McAfee released an alert this week that a virus targeting the Windows Mobile operating system is making the rounds..."
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