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    I installed magic button onto my 700wx. I like it. I like the fact I can close programs and not minimize them. I like that I can see what is open across the top. And I like that I can soft reset the phone with it.

    However, when I turn the program on it will automatically shut down after awhile. It can be 15 minutes or 4 hours. Not really a pattern to it. Anyone have any idea why it would do this? I want it to stay running all the time but it doesn't want to behave. I have looked at the settings and I'm not sure what they all do but none look like it has anything to do with shutting down.

    If no one has any ideas why, then how about another program with similar functionality. Preferably a free program. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    I found out what my problem was. I had the program installed on my memory card. I reinstalled it on the device and it is working as it should.

    This leads me to another question though. Does that mean that the card loses 'connectivity' with the device so that it causes the program to turn off? I have a few other programs installed on the card and have not had an issue thus far.

    I have a micro sd card with a converter. Is there any downside to this setup?


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