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    Ok I am finding a need now to have multiple email accounts on my phone. I used to just use an outlook exchange account but now i need to check multiple gmail accounts.

    But before i go further let me first start with this. Is there any way to check more than one exchange email without using POP3 and IMAP?

    Ok now for gmail. I freakin hate the way gmail accounts get ported on this device. if I synce with a gmail account i get all my emails listed in my inbox (sent and incoming). This is probably due to gmails "conversation" format with emails that i cant stand (similar to threaded sms which i hate too).

    Any way to sync a gmail account and just have it set up like any mornal account? sent items in sent items folder and inbox items in inbox?

    Also is there any shortcut to quickly mark all my stuff in the inbox as read? I cant seem to figure this out.

    Also just now i am getting some error when i try to send a gmail from my device. But receiving works. go figure.
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    Check your settings in G-Mail. You can select to use POP or IMAP, just disable the one you don't want.

    Not sure what the difference will be. IMAP I know does the 'conversation' format. It's also more battery friendly.

    The shortcut to mark as un/read is k.
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    There is a known problem with pop accounts and windows mobile 6.
    You can receive e-mails, but not send them. I have been all over multiple message boards to try and find a fix with no positive results. This is not a Treo problem or a sprint problem from what I understand, its all Microsoft and is happening with other brands of phones as well. My Yahoo account works fine. All we can do is wait on microsoft from what I understand. There is a registry change or a cab file download available from a Treo guru out there, but I didn't work on mine. I have also heard sprint has a work around but many people have had a hard time finding a sprint tech who can help them with it.

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