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    I suppose the title asks it all... anyone?
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    I have ftouchflo with Mortbuttons, I never really liked the original Touchflo.
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    I used a version for the i780 from the xda forums and it worked worked on the surface but there still needs to be some kinks worked out of it. I could slide smoothly from screen to screen and everything looked great but I couldn't get my phone dial pad to show up and I couldn't dial using my hard keyboard. I'd have to create a new contact and then call that contact. A little annoying. I didn't try wifi or bluetooth with it but if I could have gotten to the dial pad I probably would have stuck with it. It'd be much better on a device with a flush screen though, like the Treo Pro.
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    there is a modified version for the treo800w, those are the links but you should see that there are some bugs, maybe some1 can fix them

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