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    Has anyone tried using two microsd cards???? How do you install them????
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    It's really just a matter of force -- you've gotta push real hard to jam in the second one into the slot...

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    I thought you were supposed to tape the second one to your forehead?

    Seriously, there is only one MicroSD slot on the Pro. You can't use two.
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    Honestly I thought he meant using 2 for different purposes. I think it's better to get a high capacity one and make seperate folders for personal vs. business, or whatever. I have an 8GB I do that with. It's hard to keep track of 2.

    To install, there's often some sort of guide as to which side should be face down, as in shape of the slot or a small pic. If there is none on the Pro(like there is really none on the Blackjack), insert the card but if it won't go all the way in, push down a little. If it still won't go in, don't force it, turn it over and try again. Someone who knows the Pro slot should be better able to tell you how to insert the card.
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    The MicroSD slot on the Pro is hard to find. You remove the battery cover, and the slot is on the left edge (as you look at the back of the phone), about halfway up - under the stylus. It goes in with the printing facing you (again as you look at the back of the phone) and with the small end first. Hard to get wrong, really.

    The Pro can use most any capacity MicroSD card.

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