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    Quote Originally Posted by Parasite View Post
    wow, what a great thread! thanks to everyone who contributed!

    there's a small thing i'd like to tweak. anyone know how to have my gmail account as the default account on the email tab? it defaults to outlook now (which i don't even use). TIA!
    I set up a email account (hotmail) from the menu softbutton on the email page. It told me there were already default settings, so the process was pretty much automatic. I suspect the same is probably true for gmail.
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    any bugs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiki2 View Post
    any bugs?
    If you're talking about email, no bugs in my setup. At least none I've noticed.
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    For those who have "suffered" with only the yellow & blue themes, wallpapers being the only other thing changing, there's good news. Go to the tail end of the M2D theming thread at: [Skins]TouchFLO2D/Manilla2D Skins(NO POSTING UNLESS ITS A NEW SKIN!!!) - Page 25 - xda-developers . Message #244 on that page has a nice 320x320 theme. Go back a page to message #240 & there are several more. And one more page back, message #225 has a bunch that ought to make you happy. There are 4 themes in #225 that following the links lead to deadends -- 2 missing files, 1 dead server hardware (supposedly being fixed), 1 Indonesia-only DL link.

    An interesting note. Earlier in this thread, there's a link to a Step Three fix to get a flipclock added. Not being sure what permanent changes that would make, I never used it. Nevertheless, the flipclock themes seem to work just fine.
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