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    Hello users,

    I'm experiencing a few problems with my Verizon 700wx. I have EBag's Testing ROM5 installed, was running great for the past month, but since I've come to Oklahoma (Here on training for the next 3 months ) I'm stuck in 1X, no EVDO service down here for Verizon. Since I've gotten down here it appears as though my phone is "laggy", not sure if it's the right word. I'll click on something and it takes awhile to load to open it, much longer than normal load. Oftentimes, I'll click something and the spinning circle will come up and it will freeze itself there, forcing me to soft-reset. Some days I have to soft-reset 3-4 times, it sucks. I had Google Maps, Live Search, MemMaid and SPB Pocket Plus installed, since I've been down here I uninstalled all except MemMaid, thinking it might help. Nada.

    I know that if I were to hard-reset or put the official Verizon ROM on that it would probably be fine, but because I am in 1X, out of state and using US Cellular towers while I'm here, I won't be able to *228. Right? I've tried it since I've been here and it says "Welcome to US Cellular". Hope that made sense, just want to get this figured out.

    Thanks for any help/tips in advance.
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    If you hard reset, just dial ##000000 (send) and then re-enter your MIN, MDN, and SID (don't change NID). Make sure you write them down first though before you hard reset. You may also try updating the SID while you're down there.

    EDIT: Have you tried updating the PRL?
    Here's the latest ones from the major carriers.
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    Thanks for all of the great info! I'm just a newb though. I'm not sure what you mean by
    re-enter your MIN, MDN, and SID (don't change NID)
    Where do I find these? Also, how do I update the PRL? Sorry if I don't know, never done it before. Thanks again.

    Edit: By PRL do you mean the *228 thing? If so, I have tried that and it won't let me. It says "Welcome to US Cellular", I called VZW customer support and he said there was nothing I could do about that. Though I don't always believe those guys.
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    *228 is over-the-air programming, so you don't have to hand program it yourself. If *228 doesn't work, you have to do it by hand. To do that you just dial ##000000 and then enter your MIN, MDN, and SID. They are the numbers your phone uses to "program" it to your account. If you're the only number on the account (no "add-a-line" crap), then your MIN and MDN should be the same, otherwise they'll be different. Your MIN will be the host phone on the account, and your MDN will be YOUR phone number (hence if there is only one phone, they will be the same). The SID is your home city ID network, and sometimes changing that fixes some weird phone services when you're out of your home network. VZW customer support should be able to tell you what the SID is for where you are staying (just be sure to change it back to your home network when you leave there)

    Dialing *228 usually updates the PRL (Preferred Roaming List) too, but since it's not working for you, I don't think you'll be able to and I'm not too sure how to do it by hand. I think the PRL is the reason why you're getting 1x and not EVDO. Either US Cellular doesn't have EVDO roaming, or if they do you'll need to update to that particular PRL.
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    Awesome. Thanks again for the info. No offense to EBag, but I think I'm going to go back to the official Verizon version of WM6. So, just to ensure I'm on the same page. I can install the official Verizon ROM, then once it's done I dial the ##000000 on the phone and it will ask me to enter the MIN, MDN and SID? After that I will be all set to call/text as usual? What about the PRL's? I can't mess this up because I cannot do the *228 to activate the phone as usual. My phone is my only communication home, just want to make sure I do it right the first time.

    Edit: Will I have to do another hard-reset>##000000 once I get back home? Or will I be able to *228?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    Awesome. Thanks again for the info. No offense to EBag, but I think I'm going to go back to the official Verizon version of WM6.
    No offense taken.

    If you're looking for the fastest ROM possible, try the trimmed or my full WM5 ones. They will blow WM6 out of the water for pure speed. WM5 is *MUCH* lighter than WM6. WM6.1 is better than WM6, but still not as light as WM5.

    I used WM5 for a long time even after the WM6 ROM's were out, because of the speed.
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    Before you hard rest, dial ##000000 and write down the MIN, MDN, and SID so you can go in after the reset and re-program them. You won't need to change anything once you get home if you don't change the SID or PRL. If you DO change the SID to where you are staying right now, all you need to do when you get home is change the SID back to your home network. Otherwise the MIN, MDN, etc is all the same.

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