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    I have a Treo 800w Windows Mobile 6.1 device that I am currently synchronizing via Exchange ActiveSync with an Exchange Server 2007 email account. I just recently needed to be able to also get email from an Exchange Server 2003 SP2 email account, so I set it up to access that account via IMAP4. It is set to pull email from the server every 30 minutes, and right now it set to download the most recent 7 days worth of email (although I'll probably change this to 30 days). I also need to be able to see my sent items, so I configured the account to also download my sent items (via "Menu" -> "Tools" -> "Manage Folders"). However, I'm having a real issue (which others have also experienced, see: in that whenever I now send an email from this account, it shows up briefly in the Sent Items folder on my device, and then disappears. Further, when checking the actual Exchange mailbox (via OWA), it doesn't show up there either. It seems to disappear permanently. If I disable synchronization of the Sent Items folder and then send another email from this account, it obviously doesn't show up on my device, but now does show up in the Sent Items folder of the mailbox. This is a real issue, and I'm hoping someone can offer some advice.

    P.S. I do have the "Keep copies of sent items in Sent folder" option checked in the "Message" tab when you go to "Menu" -> "Tools" -> "Options"

    Any help or information is greatly appreciated! I'm wondering if this is a bug that we need to bring to the attention of Microsoft (and how does one go about doing that if it turns out to actually be a bug?).

    - Marc
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    Any help is appreciated? Thanks!

    - Marc
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    If you haven't already done so, go to and get the smtp fix for WM 6.1. This may solve your issue as it clears up the basic problem of sending.

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