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    Lately I've been having charging issues with my battery:

    - The battery is taking forever to charge with the OEM charger. Leaving it on the charger for an hour only increases life by the past it would almost get fully charged. This is with the phone at idle with nothing running.

    - When I leave the battery to charge overnight, I frequently wake up with the red light still on, and the charge typically only reaching 85-94%.

    - Charging via a car charger does nothing...even with the radio off. Today I left it plugged in for 1 hour, and it didn't go up at all (or drop).

    I haven't installed any type of software in the past month, so it can't be that.

    What do you think? Is it time to buy a new battery?
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    Have you installed the Palm charging fix CAB?
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    Yup, the charge fix cab was installed about a month ago...and i'm not running the battery down all the the end of the day it's usually between 30 and 40%.

    I just woke up this morning and the battery only got up to 94%.
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    I'd bring it in to a sprint store and have them check the battery. I had a similar issue while I was working for the GeekSquad with a few HP computers only charging to a certain point and it was a defective cell in the battery.

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