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    just wondering what this tick box means in the today settings?
    Mine is defaulted to 4 hours.
    My phone has been locking up in the last couple of days intermittently(about 5 times yesterday) but since I turned off today screen timeout it hasn't locked up once. Just don't know what it means!
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    The Today Screen Timeout box checked means that the device will revert back to the Today screen after that time period if you leave it in the middle of an application.

    Mine is set to 4 hours also, not too useful for me since I always return to the Today screen if I am not going to be using it for a while.

    Hope this helps.
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    A bit useless then!
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    This makes me think that you have a buggy today plugin - what is on your Today Screen? My Treo has been locking up on restarts and it looks like PocketBreeze is to blame.
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    I did a hard reset so had no plugins and still happening. I've just put on a weather plugin (weatherpanel) in the last couple of days.
    Since disabling today screen timeout I've had no freezing issues so I just assumed it was to do with that. Might actually be.

    I had a prototype of this phone about 2 months ago. Was testing it for a few weeks and had it lock up about 3 or 4 times in that time period. But my new phone would freeze that many times a day until I turned the timeout off.
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    Interesting, I thought my problem with my phone locking up was due to my today screen plugin but it's not it. I think I'm going to reset my device and try again, might be some bad software I've installed.

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