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    Does anyone know what a factory reset is? What is the process? I was talking to palm support today (I'm trying to send it in under warranty), and they said we would be doing a factory reset. The rep said it was different than a hard reset. I know how to do the hard reset and soft reset, but a factory reset is new to me.
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    Probably resetting via RTN. It'll require reprovisioning the phone.
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    rodneyii, what they are speaking about is an RTN reset. Here is the process, although given you're not familiar with it, you might want to do it with the assistance of a Sprint rep. Especially if you don't know what your Master Subsidy lock (MSL) is.

    RTN Reset

    1. type ##786# in the dial pad. This will take you to the phone data screen. For MDM (phone number) and MSID. Write down the MDM (phone number) and MSID on a piece of paper.

    2. Select Options at the bottom left and choose RTN Reset, the only option. I assume the RTN means Return To New or something.
    Enter your Master Subsidy lock (MSL) value

    3. Your phone will now reset and return to the white Treo splash screen. It may stay here for several minutes. When it shuts off you will have a completely clean factory reset device.

    4. To reactivate your phone, type ##[your msl here without brakets]# and fill in the mdm and msid and hit save.

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