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    Hi there,
    I'm sorry if this has been covered before but my search didn't find anything.
    How do I transfer my contacts and calendar items to the treo 800w from treo 700w?
    I know I have done this before from ppc 6700 to treo 700w but it has been awhile.
    Assistance in this would be really appreciated. I tried sprite backup from 700w but it just messed up a lot of programs on the 800w.
    Thank you,
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    You're going from one WM device to another. Do you not already sync the 700w with Outlook or something else? Basically it's easiest if you sync the 700w into something like MS Outlook and then sync MS Outlook with the 800w.
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    Thank you for the response. My laptop that was sync'd with my treo 700w is in the shop. So I sync'd the treo 700w to this laptop then the treo 8 but to no avail. I will start over and sync info ms outlook with this laptop.
    Thank you very much darnell.
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    Make sure you do a backup of the Contacts & Appointments on your 700w, just in case you accidently wipe them out on Outlook. Just speaking from experience. I've deleted contacts & Appointments o both devices & Outlook before. I have managed to create duplicates on my Contacts & Appointments.
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    Yea making backup before is a good idea.

    Once you've got data from the 700w on the laptop, you'll need to go into ActiveSync on the laptop and from the menu select File -> Delete Mobile Device. Make sure the 800w does not have any existing PC association. Then when you hook the 800w into the laptop, ActiveSync should guide you from there.

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