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    Hey everyone!

    Just switched from a 750 to the pro. While switching, I am having problems installing cab files from my memory card. A few programs (flexmail, elecont weather, pocket digital clock) have installed without a hitch. Opera 9.5 beta, aim mobile and few others have failed to install. All I get is an "installation failed" prompt.

    Keep in mind I had all these programs installed on the memory card for my 750 with no issues.

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Not sure.

    Just outta curiosity,
    can you do a Sprite backup to your card?
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    Also, it will let me install onto the phone's memory and not the card.

    I exchanged the microsd for a new one. Same results....
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    Are you able to do a Sprite backup to your card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle View Post
    Are you able to do a Sprite backup to your card?
    Just tried with no success.

    it just said...
    Error: Could not create the backup file "\storagecard\backup_2008-10-31.pbf"
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    Of the apps I use, I haven't had any trouble with cab installs from SD card, but I can't do a Sprite Backup to card. And I've tried it with 3 different cards.
    There may be no connection between the two issues, I was just curious.
    It's weird.
    Oh, and I came from the 750 also.
    The only thing I could suggest would be to format card.

    You've got me curious.
    I'm going to try and install those three apps you're having trouble with.
    I can go get the flexmail.
    Would you be able to post the cabs for the other two apps your having trouble with?
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    I can post the cabs, but it's failing on all of them (at least 5). I'm starting to think that it's a hardware issue - since I have formatted 2 different cards twice and performed a hard reset twice as well.

    *Been on the phone with Palm. They are scratching their heads over the issue. So, I'm gonna ask for a new phone.

    Who knows...
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    Flexmail installed fine on mine.
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    No problem doing Sprite backups to my sd card., including a restore from the same card.
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    Problem resolved. I just did a hard reset and reformatted the SD card. Then one by one added and installed the cab files onto the card. Now the phone is set up the way I wanted originally.

    I think the culprit could have been the Opera Mobile 9.51 Beta cab. I installed it with no problem, then I tried to open it and the phone would not let me do so. Immediately I uninstalled it and got rid of the cab.

    Thanks to everyone that chimed in!
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    where is a good cab for opera mini 4.2?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rpearlberg View Post
    where is a good cab for opera mini 4.2?
    Would this be a better thread for your question?
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