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    I was using The tilt before pruchasing the Treo Pro. Everything works ok when I installed the sim card except I get an "H" instead of a "3G" or an "E" indicating whether I am on a 3g network or an Edge network as I did with the Tilt. Does anyone have any ideas what the "H" is, and why it is not showing the 3g or edge???
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    Google Hsdpa

    'H' is a good thing
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    I have the same thing, H is actaully a little faster, also called 3.5G I believe.
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    As a former AT&T Tilt user myself, if you didn't disable the hidden proxy server requirement, then I don't believe you were able to ever get 'H' speeds - which is crap since the phone supports it and they advertise your ability to get those speeds. Since the TP has no hidden lock, you get the faster speeds. Enjoy!
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    What does a "G" mean? I get that every so often myself. The typical is E for my area. No 3G yet.
    Gotta love technology... you blink and everything changes.
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    gprs - slowest of all slow
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    Gotta love technology... you blink and everything changes.

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