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    Hello Everyone,

    Last time I sought help here, people were kind enough to direct me in the right direction so here I am again seeking help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Also, I apologize for a lengthy post, but I wanted to make sure I provided a clear picture so you can understand and help accordingly.

    I've had my Treo for about a year now and it's been pretty functional with no major complaints. However, yesterday when I was checking my texts, my phone automatically shut off. I tried to do a soft reset and it still did not start up. I figured the battery was dead, even though there was no red light showing on the top.

    When I went home and plugged in the phone numerous times, it did not start up. Eventually, with persistence of plugging and unplugging the adapter, the phone DID start up and asked me to pick a time zone. Finally it came to the Today Screen then immediately prompted me that my phone was going to suspend operation in 30 seconds unless i replaced the battery, etc. This was weird because my battery was still in my phone and I was using an outlet to power it.

    In anycase, ever since then, every time I plug in the adapter, the phone turns on, asks me about the time zone thing, comes to the today screen then prompts me of the suspension and shuts off. Within the 30 seconds, I CAN view my calendar, my texts or anything else I can open up.

    I also noticed that it doesnt matter whether the battery is in my phone or not because the phone behaves in the same exact way running on power from the outlet. I figured it was my battery that was busted so i took it a Verizon store and they tried starting my phone up with a test battery, but that didnt work either! The lady figured it was loose connection on my phone because I am missing a few screws, but after she put in a screw near my antenna and one near the battery, the problem still persisted. Granted I am still missing another screw near the bottom of the phone, but I've sandwiched the phone tightly in my hand as I plugged the adapter in to ensure that it wasn't a loose connection that was causing the problem.

    The lady suggested that I just get a replacement phone. I'm leaning toward that option, but I'd really like to save my calendar as I haven't done a sync in a long time. In addition, I'd like to save my texts. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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    I'd try replacing the battery first. Go down to the store and see if they have any 700wx's around, and if you can swap in a battery to test it. It sounds like it might be a bad battery.
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    I did take it to Verizon and the lady there put in a test battery to see if it really was just MY battery that wasn't working. Sadly, that wasn't the case. Even after she put in a test battery, she said the phone would shut off after 30 seconds claiming it really is just my phone. I asked one of my friends if I could borrow his Treo 700wx battery and tried to start it and it didn't work then either.
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    Did you try a hard reset yet?
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    That's actually something I want to avoid right now. Since it seems there is no way for my to revive my phone to its full functionality, (unless maybe if I do a hard reset) I'm wondering if there is a way for me to save my calendar, text messages and contacts. I guess I'm a little optimistic in thinking this is possible because my phone turns on for at least 30 seconds and shows that it still has all my info so far. Since the lady said I can get a new phone for $50, I'm probably gonna take that offer. However, I'd like to somehow save/transfer my info from the old phone to the new one. It would be nice to just get this phone up and working like it used to, but at the most I'd like to find a way to save all the info that I've mentioned. Thanks for the input thus far!
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    You can try syncing your phone or grabbing files through Windows, but you only got 30 seconds I doubt you can get much of anything.

    This is why you backup your phone often.

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