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    I was in the same position as you here is my device history:
    treo600-treo650-samsung ip830W(my windows mobile experiment sold it on ebay within a week) treo700p-treo755p-treo800W.

    as you can see I have had pretty much every palm os treo out there. I grew to expect one handed and well though out UI. I experimented a few years back and tried a samsung sprint IP-830W but you needed a stylus to do lots of normal stuff. I sold it on ebay and went back to palm OS and was happy. then my employer put out a statement that thet were only supporting windows mobile for exchange server acces. I though if I have to go windows I might as well stick with a treo since palm makes its own changes to the OS to make it one handed usability.

    I have had my treo 800W for about three weeks now and I am pretty happy with it. the first thing I did was to buy the 2600mah seidio extended battery, seidio belt clip holster and pro-clip mount for my truck. it is a one handed device and I am getting used to windows. I am happy with the treo 800W. only applications I have installed are tom tom 6 navigation, google maps mobile, skyfire web browser (highly recommended) and gps gate.

    do NOT get a 755p. the only diference between the 700p and the 755p is the lack of protruding antenna and better software stability on the 755p . you can't do much to the antenna but you can upgrade the buggy rom of the 700p to the perfect stable rom of the 755p. the instructions and file downloads are here in the 700P forum. I did it and it works great! there is nothing wrong with the 755p (best palm os treo made) but if you already have a 700p you might as well convert it.

    I also have a redfly for my 800W and it is amn amazing device for using the 800W as a business tool.

    hope this helps.

    sorry about the typos, I crafted this post in the middle of passing out halloween candy.
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    That helped a lot. thank you... I'm getting my treo 800w tomorrow... I played with an htc touch pro and I know I'm gunna hate not having the front facing keyboard. I can get a treo 800w at best buy for $150 plus tax cause of my reward points and $10 gift card. Also like everyone says if I hate it I can take it back within 30 days. Thanks for all yalls help... I look forward to yall advice/help when I actually have the device...
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