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    I think the 800w is the best Treo yet or Smartphone yet and I have used many(Curve, 700w/wx, Mogul, 6600). My company lets me switch around without an issue so why not. I remember when I first got my 700w it was big news people were buying them like mad dogs and found so many posts and reviews online. How come for the 800w I barely hear anything about it and all the stores carry then without much of any a backlog. And I havent seen not one person with the same phone as me. I guess I got my uniqueness. Curves were left and right and Moguls were too. But I haven't met one other person with 800w!!!
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    I don't think its a flop but I think it has to do with the name Palm. When the iphone came out I was probably the first few to sport a curve instead of an iphone. Friend asked me why the curve, I just said wait and watch everyone is going to get one eventually. And sure enough after I ditched my curve sometime in march just about everyone is using one now. But to get back on topic it has to do with branding too apple marketed the crap out of the iphone and you see bb name everyone where as the palm just kinda trickle out their products and only people like us would go and get one.
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    I wouldn't say it's a flop but not exactly the best device I've owned. For a phone and emails the Curve hands down beats it. Many of us are on our 2nd or 3rd device. Not exactly the best built device I've ever owned either. To me it has bugs. Mal and a few others disagree. For over 2 years in development it should have been much better.
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    Treos once stood out in a sea of crap. The market has caught up and passed them in MANY ways. i admit i wouldn't have one as my first choice but when it comes to WM with a non sliding keyboard, this is pretty much it. I do really love it though. It has grown on me a lot. I feared i would miss my Mogul, but I don't at all.
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    I like my Treo 800w, but the device is pretty much a flopper. I'm glad I got mine, but it's a flop.

    The support from Palm has started to slack. Culminating in their lame GPS response. I do think they'll release a ROM update for the device at some point, but Verizon is not showing signs of picking it up. It's pretty much Sprint isolated. And Sprint is picking up the Treo Pro.

    While I like the 800w form factor, some reviews of the form factor in comparison to the Treo Pro were nothing less than brutally against Palm even sending them an 800w for review.

    It seems many are not running to carry or put more behind the 800w. It's all going Treo Pro. So the 800w is a bit of a flop.
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    Well, the question of whether the 800w is a flop doesn't seem to be whether individuals on these boards like the 800w (for the record, I love mine), it seems to be whether 800w has sold overall up to Palm's expectations. I have no data either way, but the question seemed to be about sales, not our impressions of the device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post
    Well, the question of whether the 800w is a flop doesn't seem to be whether individuals on these boards like the 800w (for the record, I love mine), it seems to be whether 800w has sold overall up to Palm's expectations. I have no data either way, but the question seemed to be about sales, not our impressions of the device.

    the question has to be rhetorical at this point as we dont have any sales data.

    personal anecdotes don't make up for that fact

    the *only* thing you can go by is the number of viewers of this sub-forum which is one of the highest of TC/WME, compared to other Palm devices--and that still is not very telling

    perhaps with Palm's next quarter results/report, we will have an idea of sell-through rates which is what matters here
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    I'm thinking the numbers for Treo 800w sales won't look very stellar. Verizon has not picked it up. Sprint is picking up the Treo Pro. Any major sales for the 800w will be whatever was sold for Sprint from July 14 till likely about Dec. 1 (I'll say about Dec. 1, because I suspect Sprint will launch the Treo Pro before Christmas). Even if Treo 800w sales looked good for 1 quarter, it will probably be for just one quarter alone and I doubt it will look good when the nation's largest CDMA carrier (Verizon) has not yet picked it up. And even if Sprint releases after Christmas, it won't be very long after.

    With Sprint picking up the Treo Pro, Verizon certainly won't want to launch the 800w on their network.

    When some of the older Treo models used to release, I used to happen to see people in various places using them. I can't say I've happened to run into another person yet that is using a Treo 800w.
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    The 800w sales are about to take a big hit with the upcoming release of the Treo Pro.
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    I don't think it is a flop for what it is, more of a tech oriented device (vs BB business orientation and iPhone, and now Touch Pro for sex appeal).

    On the OP's point of not seeing them around I agree. If you were looking at smartphone in peoples hands a couple of years ago, more than half the time it was a palm. With smartphones selling to the casual user, or more to the point more people demanding and using more features, Palm has gone from market leader to a fraction of its former market share. I would say I see about 20 iphones and 40 new blackberries for every 800w I see.

    As far as gross sales, who knows, but it is wrong to say anecdotes and press blog notice notice have no value. They are the heart of the buzz and these kind of devices are driven by buzz.

    One thing I do note is that the 800w people are never OPM (other peoples money). They are savvy people who shop for price on provider service and want the multiple features because they need them. Iie a smart demographic, but while not poor, tightfisted because they are paying themselves or through their small businesses. BB is absolutely murdering palm in the enterprise level and interestingly so is iPhone.

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