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    Sorry if this is kind of long, but hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

    My prior WM phone was a Q9c. I had setup Active Sync to connect through USB to my PC at work. That worked great. Then I was able to set it up to use our Exchange server so it would sync over the air for Outlook items. Wonderful.

    All was well until the PC stopped recognizing the Q9c. I did not get a chance to figure out that problem before I got the Treo 800W.

    I uninstalled Active Sync from the PC. Then downloaded and re-installed. But it will not see the 800W. The 800 is using the Exchange server currently.

    I have looked through all settings, and all appears to be correct per the MS troubleshooter with Active Sync.

    The kicker is, all I need it for is to move files back and forth from the 800 storage card to the desktop.

    Any help?
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    anyone have any ideas?
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    Maybe it would be easier to spend ~$10 for a small card reader and not troubleshoot it. lol

    Depending on the security at your company, some computers may not work well (or at all) with your phone if it is set to sync via RNDIS. That is where your phone gets an IP address when it is plugged into your computer and can then access the internet (and possibly resources on your company's network) through your computer.

    To turn off RNDIS, go to Start > Settings > Connections tab > USB to PC. Uncheck the box "Enable advanced network functionality". Now, just incase, try deleting the partnership in ActiveSync on the desktop if one exists and then connect and see what happens.
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    you sir - are a genius!! That did it, thank you very much. Now to try and figure out some of those registry tweaks...
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    Hey, good to see you over from SU. I am the King of ActiveSync issues. If you do a search I will be in a bunch of threads. This device is the only one I cannot sync and I've had a bunch (check sig). I have found work arounds. For my contacts, calander, tasks, etc. I make the changes on my device then sync with Exchange abd vice versa. To add items or make changes to the memory card I use a card reader. So far so good. Welcome to TC.
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