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    To uninstall: Start > Settings > System tab > Remove Programs. Tap to select Sprint Picture Mail, tap Remove.

    I reinstalled earlier hoping for a simple corrupted install but it no good. I see the picture mail app running when this happens, but in Task Manager if I kill it under Applications, it is still running in the background under Processes which cannot be killed via Task Manager. I will have to play with sktools as you mention and see what happens.

    Since the app is actually Sprint's, I posted a link to this thread on their own board (
    So has anyone heard anything from Sprint regarding this problem?

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    When you click and hold a picture or link on opera mobile it gives you the to send link via MMS or send image via MMS. Does anyone know how to get it intergrated with the sprint prituremail?
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    I have this workign on my 800W without ANY issues... I also have teh hack for the text messaging to send PM directly from the application and also to increase the parts per message.

    One thing, it says your media will be sent but there is no status to see if it is finished.. Is there a way to see a status?

    Also, it says you can upload video to facebook, youtube etc. how long of a video can you upload?
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