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    Hy guys, can someone tell me what converter do you use?? I need a good converter and searched a little bit but it seemed that there are way too many converters but still I don't trust them especially the fact that I have to pay for it. Still the one which I think might be ok is Tunebite cause it supports many formats and besides that it downloads videos and mp3s from internet. So what do you think about this one?? Do you think it's worth to spend money on it??? Thanks.
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    What are you trying to convert exactly? When I first read the title of the post I was thinking "currency converter," but it's evident you are looking for a media converter. For your pc/mac/handheld? From what format to what format?
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    hey, sorry I didn't explain too many, yes I'd like a media converter for converting some protected wmv into mov files so that I can play them on my nano and I'd like a tool which doesn't lose in quality during conversion. If you could give me your opinion on that tunebite...Thanks

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