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    When I set an alarm using the included alarm program I get the following pop up windown message:


    Alarm will not sound until the volume is turned up in the Sounds & Notifications setting.

    In going to the Sounds & Notifications I don't see any volume level control options on any of the tabs that are related to alarms. There are a couple of choices for "Screen taps" and "Hardware buttons" to select from "soft" or "loud." Where is this "volume is turned up in the Sounds & Notifications settings" that is mentioned?
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    I had the same issue, PALM had me do a hard reset , which fixed the problem.

    The only issue is you have to backup everything prior to doing this.
    Such a DUMB solution.
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    Yeah hard reset was the only way I could fix it, and if I restored to a previous point my alarms died again.


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