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    I us memmaid to manage my memory on the device. I have it run everyday at 12pm.

    My issue is after the device resets, it takes 7-10 min before the Today screen is up and running and the device is usable.

    I have the following software installed:
    Homescren Plus Plus
    Pocket Tunes,
    weather Panel
    iSilo Goosync
    Treo Alert Pro
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    I have of the apps you mentioned:

    Treo Alert Pro

    And no probs here.
    Just call me Berd.
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    Did you ever get the Manila 2D theme installed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy View Post
    Did you ever get the Manila 2D theme installed?
    Not yet,
    Got a Job that I really need to get out.

    Still got time for TC though
    Just call me Berd.
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    Lol, i hear ya.
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    Whatever today apps you have installed, try disabling them to figure it out. I had some issues with some Today plugins that caused my Treo Pro to hang on a reset.
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    trying it now. I have a suspicion it is Homescreen Plus Plus.
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    I just took HS ++ off of the today screen. Not that.......
    I will try WetherPanel next. Good think I have the day off. It will b 5 min before my treo is usable again

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