I have been continuing to experience irratic behavior with the speaker staying on and cannot find the reason. Even though the system displays the sound at 20% - 100% (and the manual switch is ON), there is no sound coming from the speaker. Even after deleting several 3rd party apps and performing resets in between, still no luck.

The only ways it will begin working has been when I perform a reset OR go into Sounds & Notifications, then scroll through the list of Notifications, will it begin to work again. Once I even closed all apps in the Task Manager and it returned, so now when this happens, I go back there and close one at a time, in the hopes to find the culprit, but no success yet.

I have read many of the blogs here but cannot find one that speaks to this behavior. I am very hesitant to return the unit to Sprint as I don't want a refurbished handset with another bag of issues. Any ideas on how to address this?