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    So I finally sucked it up and bought an expansion card for my Treo, and I went all out and got an 8gb card.

    Now that I have a bunch of room, I was looking for software to spruce up my Treo and I was wondering if anyone had experience with Spb Pocket Plus?

    And does anyone know a good place to get games? Preferably for free?
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    You will find people who absolutely adore Spb Pocket Plus and you will find people who hate it. I'm in the latter camp, and I actually paid for it (but no longer use it.) I suppose it depends on whether flash is more important than usability. I won't deny that the Spb software is pretty but it comes at the cost of excessive memory usage and loss of function on the Today screen.

    Remember that for software that wants to "manage" your phone you should have it running from internal memory. It will also take up a significant amount of active RAM.

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