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    On the 30 day trial but Telenav only plays sounds through my headset, not though the speaker. Anyone get Telenav to play sound through the TP speaker? If so how? Called Telenav and got no help.

    I have TomTom Navigator 6 coming on DVD and will probably cancel Telenav. But while waiting would like to have it work through the speaker. Hopefully won't have this probelm with Nav 6!
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    No headset here and works using the speaker. Maybe unplug it.
    Gotta love technology... you blink and everything changes.
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    Tried that first. My browser is Opera 9.5, wonder if that's the problem? I'll try again and maybe reset the phone.
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    i have had no sound problem with telNav. is your system sound turned up?
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    Reset the TP and have sound now. Wierd. Played around with Telenav today. The gas prices feature is wicked cool. Saved me .20 per gallon on a fill up today!

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