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    This is something that's been slightly annoying me from Day 1. I kept thinking I would see the obvious answer eventually but nothing has turned up.

    I use the calendar for appointments, memos, anything I need to remember.

    Obviously, I'm forever moving them around, eg something doesn't get done one day, so I move it to the next day.

    So, it's: highlight the item in the calendar, press the centre button to select it, press Menu, Edit and you're in the edit screen.

    What you need to do now, of course, is highlight the start date and press the centre button to edit it.

    BUT - if the last thing you did in Calendar was to edit the date of another appointment, the start date will already be highlighted. You'd think that would be a good thing, no? No. If you then press the centre button, it doesn't bring up the date dialog box, it closes the edit screen and takes you back to Calendar. To edit the date, you have to move the cursor OFF the start date, then back ONTO the start date before pressing the centre button.

    OK, only a couple of presses of the 5-way every time, but if you're moving a lot of appointments around, it seems such a pain not to be able to just hit the centre button and select the new date immediately.
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    I agree that is annoying. I use Tasks to keep my to do list (not appointments) instead, so there is less need to move things around (they still show up, but as overdue). But the date selector works the same way in the Tasks application and it is a bit of a pain.
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    Gotta thank Palm and HTC for that! Something weird, when I push my center key up, it goes right. When I push it down, it goes left. Push Left, up and Push right, down. Have no clue why but yeah.... screwed in the head. lol
    Gotta love technology... you blink and everything changes.
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    For some reason I don't remember this with my 750.
    Just call me Berd.

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