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    I upgraded my 750v to WM6 (I used Treo750_2_18_VFE_DesktopUpdater). It did not show any errors after the upgrade. None of the contacts are showing up, everything else seems fine. It shows the software version (after update) as TREO750-2.18-VRFE

    - No matching names show up if I key in any letters in the box
    - Contacts application does not come up: When I try to launch it, there is a brief screen flicker, but it goes back to Today screen. I dont see it running in the list of Running Programs.
    - If I select a entry in Call log and say "save to contacts", nothing happens.

    Any idea what can I do?

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    shouldn't there be a 'contacts' application? try accessing it directly from the windows folder using file explorer..

    another work-around could possibly be using 3rd party software that is its own contact manager...

    can't think of any names

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    Thanks for your suggestion. I installed Pocket CM. When I launch it, it briefly comes up and disappears. May be the contacts database is corrupt? Any way to restore it?

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