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    Quote Originally Posted by aero View Post
    Don't even try. We are not a bunch of bumpkins at a pub. Either you misunderstood or your attorney should find another line of work.
    If Toyota installed a defective head gasket on a their new production vehicles, they are the supplier to the consumer. The consumer has no recourse and no relationship whatsoever with the head gasket maker, and Toyota cannot pass any responsibility in a consumer suit to the parts maker. they can subrogate their damage with a suit of their own agaisnt hte part maker. But it is Toyota that must make the consumer whole.

    Just review any number of cases on findlaw or lexis on this type of thing. You can find hundreds of civil suits on product failure or failure to deliver an advertised feature. The product manufacture cannot deny a suit by stating a parts maker is responsible.
    Well Aero, you know no matter what is presented, there's going to be an effort to find some means to refute it, even if resorting to talk about "gliders" .

    I don't know who that lawyer friend is, I just know I'd never hire them for work.

    If car makers could pass the buck on the various defects they are sued over, they'd never be ordered to pay the money they've had to pay.

    With something such as GPS, it is Palm who presented the product to the public with Sprint as a network signal carrier. So if there was something such as GPS certification, Palm would be the one to present the case for any such certification, because the Treo 800w is their device.
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    I wonder who a customer would complain to if said customer has a problem with a Seidio battery they purchased from TC, after the 30 day TC return period has passed?

    I've got a vacuum that acted up, I brought it from Sams Club, but after 30 days oh my, I had to go to the manufacturer of the product. I didn't have to find who made the power switch for the manufacturer although it was an issue with the power switch, it was all for the vacuum manufacturer to repair and was under their warranty.

    The GPS issue is a Palm 1 year product warranty issue. Palm issued their statement in my opinion, to cover from having to accept returns under their 1 year warranty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    If I buy a NEW 800w that is supposed to be a standalone GPS and it turns out to be a aGPS, Sprint cannot say to me: "We bought the phone from Palm, you have to give them a call."
    Why not? I don't understand how Sprint, who did not make the phone, could possibly know more about why the standalone GPS doesn't work than Palm, who built the device themselves. And I'm fairly sure that kind of thing happens all the time - Someone calls Palm for an issue and they pass the buck to Sprint and vice versa.

    If you purchase HDTV service through Comcast and you have a Samsung HDTV, would you expect Comcast to be able to tell you why your Samsung HDTV doesn't include the advertised HDTV tuner? (just an example lol, nothing against Samsung)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebag333 View Post
    Except for the first sentence, that is correct.
    Thus you should take up the issue with Sprint, not Palm.
    If I buy a NEW 800w that is supposed to be a standalone GPS and it turns out to be a aGPS, Sprint cannot say to me: "We bought the phone from Palm, you have to give them a call."
    Sorry guys, can't have it both ways.
    Just stop, what you are saying is bogus. Sprint has ZERO to do with it.

    This is Palm product. Your relationship as a buyer of this product is with PALM -- not Sprint. Your warranty is with Palm, not Sprint. The advertising is Palm's not Sprint.

    If you buy a product that the manufacturer has falsely advertised your recourse is with the manufacturer, not the retailer. I grew up working in retail I know all about product return and responsibility.

    Example. Go to Bestbuy. Buy a Sony advertised by Sony (but not Best Buy) as having QAM. Wait 90 days, cancel your cable, find out you have no QAM. Your recourse is with Sony not Bestbuy. Bestbuy may or may not help you, but Sony has to.

    You have thrown a complete red herring into this thread, sprint has nothing to do with any failure of this product to work beyond their network. You have confused yoruself because you still conflate aGPS (a sprint service) with Standalone GPS whcih by definition has ZERO to do witht he service.

    Again, do you even realize Palm sells this phone direct to consumers. It is responsible to insure that non CDMA functions work even if you don't have any service!
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