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    I have 2 outlook accounts, one that's the default on my work machine and another that had been my default on my old laptop. Unfortunately for me, I no longer have the latter machine and have just been checking that email account on my 800w or over webmail. I am now transitioning away from that email and tried switching my the outlook email on my phone to my work email. However, as soon as I removed the email account from my phone, all of my contacts also disappear. When I add back in my old email, the contacts come back.

    So, given that I can only access my old email on my phone or via webmail, is there anyway to save all of my contacts to my phone or another place, remove my old email, put my work email on my phone, and add back my contacts? I don't think I can use the import/export feature of outlook because that is not part of webmail.

    Thank you.
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    Use Dashwire, it is free. Save contacts, texts, pictures, vidoes and more. Never lose anything again. Keep the CAB file on your memory card. You can get the CAB here You have to sign up for the service at You can use the desktop manager on any PC or Laptop anywhere. I update my device like every two weeks then delete the program off the device. When I need to sync again I install the CAB from the memory card. Great app.
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    Wow! What a great program. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Hmmm, my enthusiasm was short lived. When I had my old email on the phone, all my contacts showed up in Dashwire. When I removed that email, all my contacts in Dashwire disappeared. Am I doing something wrong?

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