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    Okay this just started this evening. I'm surfing on my desktop which is connected via 802.11N Dlink router and adaptor. Everything is going fine. I connect my 800w via USB and all of a sudden my speed goes to pot. I am talking worse than dialup. At first I didn't make the connection, but as one of my pages was trying to load, I disconnected the Treo preparing to restart my desktop, and instantly I'm surfing bird again. So I try a test, first disconnected. Open browser (FF 3.0) and navigate to several pages; everything is great. I close the browser, and connect my Treo. I let AS do its thing and then open my browser again. It's stuck trying to open my home page. I wait a couple of minutes and disconnect the Treo. BOOM my home page immediately appears. Anyone having this issue? I tried a search but came up empty...maybe I used the wrong search terms.
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    Sounds like your pc is trying to connect to the internet thru your phone. You might try browsing thru the connections utilities and see if anything appears to be checked that shouldn't be.

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