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    These are the things which I love to run on my Treo 680:
    1) Mobile blogging
    2) Palm's Facebook client.

    I have tried Moblog (PocketPC freewware) and Pocket SharpMT but somehow I can't get them to connect with my Wordpress blogs. Anyone had luck with these?

    Palm's Facebook client is awesome. It's not the same going to and the ability to upload pix and video is a big plus.
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    Have you tried Snap2Face for your Treo Pro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    Have you tried Snap2Face for your Treo Pro?
    I haven't tried Snap2Face but found that it has morphed to be SkyBook at "Facebook for Windows Mobile (formerly known as Snap2Face) version 1.0". Looks good. I hope it supports commenting to status updates. I'll be trying it a bit later.

    Currently, I'm using the simple method "Upload photos and videos straight to Facebook from your phone. Send an MMS or email to:", as explained on .
    regards, sabre23t =^.^=
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    Shows how often I use Facebook. I'll have to give it a new look!
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    Skybook looks interesting. I'll give it a try but I gotta say - why aren't you using Facebook though OperaMini or Mobile? is kind of redundant.
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