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    The way the gps works on the 800w I wouldn't pay for it but it came with my simply everything plan!


    If that is you in the pic u are a very pretty girl! Excuse me..

    Back to the topic at hand!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell View Post
    Actually, you have a 5GB EVDO data limit, that Sprint does not exactly say a whole lot about until you've hit it. Just like Comcast's so-called "unlimited" internet service, it's not really unlimited.
    people keep mentioning this but I do not see it anywhere in my old SERO contract. I know verizon does this 5gb limit (which is ridiculous) but i've never seen it from sprint. Is this something they just recently changed?
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    If you get on your account via it will tell you the grimy details..

    And I quote....

    Plans include a maximum of 5GB of data usage. If you are on a plan with a specific limit of less than 5 GB (e.g., the 50 MB connection card plan), your plan's specific data limitation and associated overage rates continue to apply.

    Effective July 13, 2008. Sprint reserves the right to limit throughput speeds or amount of data transferred; and to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if usage either exceeds (a.) 5 GB/month in total or (b.) 300MB/month while off-network roaming.
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    I tried out Sprint Nav last night, trying to find someplace I've never been. It worked alright. Nothing too fancy, but it got the job done. I would definitely not pay anything per month to use this instead of Google Maps or MS Live, but since it's included with my plan anyway, yeah, I guess maybe I'll use it again some day.
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