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    I have a Treo Pro and Vista on my computer. My Treo Pro syncs to outlook without a problem. I am getting my wife a Treo Pro for Christmas. Her laptop has WindowsXP. What program would I use to get the Treo Pro to sync to WindowsXP?
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    I currently sync up my TP with XP via ActivSync 4.5 - works perfectly. TP comes with a copy of ActivSync in the ROM. You don't need to do anything extra other than follow the TP instructions.
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    OK Thanks for the info
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    I did notice a difference between vista and XP though..
    On Vista I could see my microSD card as a drive when I plug in the TP with USB, but with XP I can only see a windows mobile device and not the storage card..

    Has anybody else seen this? is it a setup issue or is it due to the way the conduit works?

    I managed to get around it (kinda) by using Windows Media Player sync so I can sync my MP3s from my XP box onto the storage card..
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