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    Quote Originally Posted by VibrantRedGT View Post
    I installed Phone Alarm 1.67 Lite and now the backlight settings won't stick.
    Phone Alarm 1.67 was released in April 2008.

    It is not compatible with the Treo 800w.

    Phone Alarm 2.10 is now out and is compatible (800w issues were fixed with 2.07).

    You have too many problems with WM devices and should just go back to BB or something less involved, imo.

    The Touch Pro won't solve any of these issues you have (ActiveSync, mediocre battery life, using outdated software).
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    The BlackBerry works too well. There isn't anything to hack or add. I just got bored and not because it was bad or anything. The only thing that sucked about it is no Rev. A. It only averaged 300kb/sec. vs 980kb/sec I get with the 800 and Mogul. Plus there is so many apps out there, not that I can add to my device.

    I did fix the Comcast email.
    I did fix the ActiveSync to where it will recognize and use everything but Outlook.
    I did fix the backlight issues by removing Phone Alarm.
    I did not fix the PRL unless I manually do it.

    So right now the device is running great and battery life is back (tolerable that is). You've never heard me complain about battery life with this unit. I'm almost there with this device. A fix from Palm would really do it.
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