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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    Oh I feel like a total ***** for not having even noticed that option!
    Not at all! I appreciate you letting me know the feature isn't readily apparent, and you've given me a great idea for a blog post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alli View Post
    It may also give me that last bit of ammunition I need to "convert" Chris back to WM!

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles@Kinoma View Post

    You've mentioned AVRCP (a popular request) and AVI file playback (which we won't support directly, but can be either transcoded or played via Orb).

    Anything else you consider missing? I want to make sure to capture any other requests that you might have.

    -- Charles Wiltgen
    I decided to take a real view at all my different devices and what it would take to make Kinoma Play replace all my other devices/programs. I am leaving out AVRCP but it is high on the list.

    Audible Player:

    • Bookmarking is a real pain. It will save the correct location if I exit the program. While listening to a book that requires me to step back to the main screen to then be able to pop the menu that allows me to exit nicely. Every other Audible player I have used writes the bookmark on pause. If it could do that I would be happy. If it can't the menu that is all the way back on the first screen should be on the player screen, this would just a bit easier but still not right.
    • A nice thing would be an option to have background pause. On the Palm Treo's with Real Player or Ptunes if it was mapped to the side button pushing that button while the player was running would play/pause. If that could be implemented it would be a really nice feature.

    Video player:

    The video codecs have been discussed to death but I think it should at minimum be able to play the files created by the different devices default video recorders. I would also like it to play anything TCPMP would play. Files I created on my Centro or TreoPro will play with no audio.

    Music Player:

    If I look at this from the aspect of the other options I have used as a music player the only issue I have is player control. The Pause option and/or AVRCP would really help.

    Image Viewer:

    I like how it works now, but to replace the default Pictures I would need to the edit functions, and the sending functions (other than email) that are missing in KP.
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