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    now i know there have been alot of ppl that have complained about the ease of the battery coming off.
    i also had that problem. but being an old nokia user there used to be a battery connectivity issue but there was a trick of putting a pack of salt between the battery and the door.
    so i figured i would try it with the 26mah door since the oem battery door has a small bumper in it as well.

    so i just grabbed a piece of paper and ripped a small piece off and folded it a few times and shoved it in there and it does seem like the door is harder to pull off. now if you fold it to much there will be a gap between the door. so just unfold it and when it is snug it should be a little better than the original.

    just figured i would share my joy with my fellow wm experts.
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    Thanks for the tip, still having issues myself any pics so we can see exactly where to place it thanks.
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    i didn't really place it in any strategic place. i am just hoping on seidio coming out with an innocase that fits the ext battery. they did for my 755 and i can only hope for one on the 800w

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